This frame allows you to select "Barn Hunt" at the top or change it to the level of Barn Hunt title you have earned.

This frame includes the following items and words

Hay barn, Start box, stopwatch, rat tube, rat, rat tracks, rat tubes hidden in hay bales, hay tunnel.  Words include: Barn Hunt, Rat!, Tunnel!, Climb!, Search!

Titles available: Barn Hunt Instinct RATI, Novice Barn Hunt RATN, Open Barn Hunt RATO, Senior Barn Hunt RATS, Master Barn Hunt RATM, Barn Hunt Champion RATCH, Barn Hunt Champion X RATCHX

Space is available at the bottom of the frame for engraving text of your choice.


Outside Dimensions
Holds 4" x 6" Photo 6.5" x 8.5" Outside Edges with 1.5" Alder wood border
Holds 5" x 7" Photo 7.5" x 9.5" Outside Edges with 1.5" Alder wood border
Holds 8" x 10" Photo 11.5" x 13.5" Outside Edges with 2" Alder wood border
Engraving Options Includes personalized engraving with any amount of text that can fit in the allotted space and your choice of standard font.
Product Details
Features Glass insert. Frame includes pop-out easel & wall hangers.

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Barn Hunt Title Personalized Picture Frame

Barn Hunt #2 Engraved for Keeps
2025-01-15 USD
  • 28.30

    $28.30 - $44.90

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