Pet Names R - S

We would like to thank our customers for their patronage and show off their accomplishments. We take photos of each of your engraved items before we ship the item.

For those of you who have ordered from us, send us your pictures of your pets! As we get time, we'll post in alphabetical order (via your pet's Call Name) their engraved item and picture.

Click on images for a larger view.

IGP1 FrameIGP1 Frame Rage
Small Purple/White Crate Tag Raisin
Evergreen/White Crate Tag Rapid
Earthdog Picture Frame Rat Wranglers
Green/White Crate Tag Ravyn
Small Purple/White Crate Tag Reba
Memorial Frame Reba
Gold/Black Crate Tag Remi
Black Gold Crate Tag Reeses
Alder TagPACHPACH 2 Renegade
Agility #4 ReRun
Medium Walnut Rex
Alder TagMACH FrameMACH FramePACH FramePACH 4 FramePACH 5 FramePACH 7 FramePACH 8 Frame Rheno
Alder TagMACH FrameMACH FrameMACH Frame Rhinestone
Blue/White Crate Tag Ridge
Nose Work Frame Riggs
Agility FrameAgility Frame Riley
Memorial Frame Ripley
Black/White Crate Tag Rival
Bronze/Black Crate Tag River
Gold/Black Crate Tag River
Herding #1Herding #15x7 Plaque Rock
Flyball #1 Rocket
GraniteRaccoon Gift Frame Rocky
Gold Plate Rocky
Agility #4 Rodeo
Deerskin Crate Tag Rondy
Small Purple/White Crate Tag Rosebud
Red/White TagBlack/Gold Tag Ruger
Green/White Crate Tag Ryanne
Brushed Silver/Black Crate Tag Sadie
Black/White Crate TagFlyball Team Sage
Brushed Bronze/Black Crate Tag Sage
CATCH Little dog ... Big heart! Salsa
Alder Top Cedar Box Sasha
Red Marble/Gold Crate Tag Scarlett
Agility Frame Schatzi
AGCH Score
Purple/White Crate Tag Scoot
Obedience Scotch
Agility FrameAgility Frame #2Agility FrameAgility Frame Scout
Black/White Crate Tag Sequel
Agility FrameAgility Frame Serenity
Black/Gold Crate Tag Shannon
Alder Topped Cedar BoxClose-up Detail Sheera
Black/White Crate Tag Shep
CT TrackingGreen/White Crate Tag Shevy
Red Marble/Gold Crate Tag Shyla
Alder Topped Cedar BoxClose-up Detail Sierra
Alder Topped Cedar BoxSuede Sierra Grande
Tracking #2Agility #4Blue/Yellow Crate Tag Skeeter
Alder Wood Crate Tag with Burgundy Paint Sketcher
Deerskin Crate TagGold/Black Crate TagRally Skye
Memories #4 Skye
Black/Gold Crate Tag Skye
RACH Rally FrameGreen/White Crate Tag Smirk
Black/White Crate Tag Smo
Obedience Frame Snickers
Dog #1 Sonny
Deerskin Crate TagSmooth Silver/Black Crate Tag Sony
Black/Gold Crate Tag Sophia
C-ATCH Frame Speedy
Black/White Crate TagBlack/White Crate Tag Spenser
Custom Cut Tracking Frame & mapClose-up detail of tracking map Splash
PACH Frame Splash
Black/Gold Crate Tag Stella
Custom Frame Stewart & Flint
White/Red Crate Tag Stop
Purple/White Crate Tag Strut
Alder wood Crate Tag Suede
Flyball Frame Sure Shot Flyball Team
MACH Frame Surf
Purple/White Crate Tag Surge



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