About Us

Engraved for Keeps has evolved over the last 20 years.  
We originally started out engraving gifts & awards for the dog sport community under the name Rugpal North.  
As word about us spread via our satisfied customers, we expanded into different markets as well as corporate items.
We take pride in producing unique, quality engraved items. 
  • We believe that Karma is real. 
  • We believe that Honesty in little things, is no little thing. 
  • We believe that Just because you can, it doesn't mean you should.
  • We believe that It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.
  • We believe that When people say we "are not normal," we say "We are just a different kind of normal." 

Visiting Instructions: First of all, please phone ahead. Click here for the reason why. He's part of our elite team and we need to holster his tongue or you may find your schnoz has been licked clean. Follow State Route 5 North out of Scarlet Skunk Crossing until you reach the fourteenth exit after Screaming Frostbite Lake.  They are not numbered so count carefully. Veer right on the exit, take two lefts and then a very quick, sharp right at Furious Spider Pass before the rocks tear out your brake lines. You are here. Follow the road four miles until you see this classic. Continue to drive down into Sleepy Wrench Valley.  If you see helicopters hovering above and laser red dots pointed at you, pat your head 5 times and slowly show them this sign so that you may continue on your way. Once you see this Sign tighten your seatbelt, put the vehicle in low gear and climb the 2-mile hill until you see what makes grandma giggle.  Do not stop or else you will need to hire Miner Smith, his son and his 40-goat team to get you up the hill. Mind you, his son is like a blister. He doesn't show up until the work is done, but you will still need to pay him a generous tip. After you admire grandma's taste in art, look to your left to see a narrow bridge hidden from the road. Miner Smith is plum proud that he made it himself out of hand-sawn timber so please drive slowly. If you have one of those hurkin' SUV's, (you know the ones we are talking about) please park and walk the last mile. At the fork in the road, turn left and you'll see a twig gate with a security console. Press 1234 and the gate will open.  The gate closes fast. "Floor it" or you'll be up all night gathering and weaving twigs to fix the gate!
If you don't see grandma's art display, you probably missed a turn and ended up at Miner Smith's Vintage Steam Whistle Music Academy. Enjoy their impromptu concert, but we ask you to respect their desire for no clapping or singing along with joy. They need silence to create such magnificent music. If you're out that way, follow the old dirt road at the top of this rock, drive 2.6 miles along the path of Triple T Cliff and turn into Petrovic's Farm.*  Their sheep are meaner than a sack full of rattlesnakes so stay in your car, honk, and sooner or later someone will direct you towards our shop using their fabulous etch-a-sketch skills. Put your vehicle in low gear and enjoy the cruise down the hill and drive alongside their Wolverine Sanctuary. Your nose will tell you that you're there. Once you are at the bottom of the hill, drive past the flaming geyser, turn right and you will see our small field. When you get to our mailbox, honk a few times and someone will make sure the ornery goats are gathered up. While waiting for us to fetch you, it's okay to play "Peek-a-Boo-I-See-You" with the mahogany one, but for your own safety, please do not look the sorrel one in the eye.
*Our good neighbors worship the Great Mother. In plain talk that means they run around their farm bare-ass naked. Tarik and Agata Petrovic have been running their family farm since 1963. Whatever cranks their tractor is fine with us, but if this sort of thing upsets you, be sure to follow directions.