• Dog Crate Tag with Name  under Titles 4-holes

This 2" x 6" crate tag sign with 4-holes has 2 sections of text.

This allows a section of small text over a section of large text.

Use this tag for registered name with titles & a call name, or for emergency contact info & call name.

When ordering fasteners with the crate tags on this page, the quantity of crate tags matches the sets of fasteners you will receive. i.e. Qty 1 crate tags = 1 set of fasteners, Qty 3 crate tags = 3 sets of fasteners

Engraving Options Includes personalized engraving with your choice of standard font. The more text there is, the smaller the text needs to be in order to fit in the allotted space.
Product Details
Features All plastics are 1/16" thick and are outdoor rated. All plastic colors are UV Stable, excluding the metallics. Alder wood is 1/8" thick and is not recommended for outdoor use. For added durability, all deerskin tags are treated with a sealant after engraving.

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Dog Crate Tag with Name under Titles 4-holes

Crate Tag 9 Engraved for Keeps
2024-12-17 USD
  • 13.00

    $13.00 - $13.75

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