This 2" x 6" name plate with adhesive is great for identification purposes.

This option allows up to 4 lines of small text all in the same font size.

Use this design for medical information or emergency contact info.

The adhesive on the back covers the entire surface.

Engraving Options Includes personalized engraving with your choice of standard font. The more text there is, the smaller the text needs to be in order to fit in the allotted space.
Product Details
Features All plastics are 1/16" thick and are outdoor rated. All plastic colors are UV Stable, excluding the metallic and marble colors. The adhesive on the back covers the entire surface from edge to edge.

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2" x 6" Name Plate with Adhesive Multi-Line Text

Name Plate 43 Engraved for Keeps
2024-12-17 USD
  • 11.50

    $11.50 - $11.50

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