Many of our plastics are available in UV stable colors. When possible, we use scratch-resistant plastics.  Colors are approximate and will differ on each device & browser you use to view this page.

Please hover your mouse over the color to view details.  For iOS users, press & hold the color and a pop-up should appear with the details.

White/Black (Scratch Resistant)White/Blue (Scratch Resistant)White/Red (Scratch Resistant)Black/White (Scratch Resistant)Black/SilverBlack/GoldEuropean Gold/Black (Not UV Stable. Not recommended for harsh or humid conditions.)Brushed Silver/Black (Not UV Stable)Brushed Bronze/Black (Not UV Stable)Smooth Silver/Black (Not UV Stable)Blue Marble/GoldRed Marble/Gold (Not UV Stable)Green Marble/GoldGray Marble/WhitedPurple/WhiteEvergreen/WhiteGreen/White (Scratch Resistant)Red/White (Scratch Resistent)Orange/WhiteBlue/White (Scratch Resistant)Light Blue/WhitePink/WhitePink/BlackYellow/Black (Scratch Resistant)Blue/YellowRed/Yellow

Our faux leather "leatherette" is for indoor use.


Our alder wood is for indoor use. If you would like to use it outdoors, we recommend that you treat it with an outdoor wood sealant.

Alder wood

Our deerskin is treated with leather sealant after engraving. Deerskin is only available for soft-side crate tags.