Many of our plastics are available in UV stable colors. When possible, we use scratch-resistant plastics.  Colors are approximate and will differ on each device & browser you use to view this page.

Please hover your mouse over the color to view details.  For iOS users, press & hold the color and a pop-up should appear with the details.

White/Black (Scratch Resistant) White/Blue (Scratch Resistant) White/Red (Scratch Resistant) Black/White (Scratch Resistant) Black/Silver Black/Gold Gold/Black (Not UV Stable.) Brushed Silver/Black (Not UV Stable) Brushed Bronze/Black (Not UV Stable) Smooth Silver/Black (Not UV Stable) Blue Marble/Gold (Not UV Stable) Red Marble/Gold (Not UV Stable) Green Marble/Gold (Not UV Stable) Gray Marble/Whited Purple/White Evergreen/White Green/White (Scratch Resistant) Red/White (Scratch Resistent) Orange/White Blue/White (Scratch Resistant) Light Blue/White Pink/White Pink/Black Yellow/Black (Scratch Resistant) Blue/Yellow Red/Yellow

Our faux leather "leatherette" is for indoor use.

Tan/Black Brown/Black Saddle/Black Gray/Black Blue/Black Rose/Black Pink/Black Black/Silver Black/Gold

Our alder wood is for indoor use. If you would like to use it outdoors, we recommend that you treat it with an outdoor wood sealant.

Alder wood