This racing frame says it all whether the sport is motorcycle road racing, go kart racing, sprint car racing, stock car racing, midget, formula, pee wee racing, dirt bike racing, motocross, supercross, cycle, truck racing, lawn mower or any other form of checkered flag racing.

The name is engraved with a racing style font and cut along the top of the frame, while the race number is engraved and cut along the lower left corner of the frame.

The checkered flag is engraved and cut into the lower right corner of the frame.

At no extra charge, the flag & numbers can be "flipped" left-right to accommodate your photo. 

We are heartbroken to announce the company that specially made the wood blanks for us has closed their doors for good. We have run out until we can find another company to specially make these for us at a reasonable price.

Outside Dimensions
Holds 4" x 6" Photo 6" x 8" Outside Edges with minimum 1" Alder wood border
Holds 5" x 7" Photo 7" x 9" Outside Edges with minimum 1" Alder wood border
Holds 8" x 10" Photo 10" x 12" Outside Edges with minimum 1" Alder wood border
Engraving Options Includes personalized engraving with any amount of text that can fit in the allotted space. Short names or words work best so the individual characters can be cut to shape. Your choice of standard font.
Product Details
Features Glass insert. Frame includes pop-out easel & "keyhole slots" in wood to hang on walls.

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Custom Cut Racing Personalized Picture Frame

Racing #1 HB
  • 31.80

    $31.80 - $43.80

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