Crate Tags

Our plastic crate sign name tags are available in a variety of UV stable colors and come in two sizes of 2” x 6” and 1¼” x 3¾” with an option of two or four holes to display them. These colorful tags, combined with our custom graphics & fonts, make fantastic club awards, stocking stuffers and gifts. To reduce the rattle of the crates and tags, we offer these fabulous quiet, plastic crate tag fasteners in black and clear (opaque) colors that easily affix to the crate door or a wire crate.

Our alder wood crate tags have wonderful grain patterns and rich warm tones that make a subtle yet unique statement.  They are available in all sizes.  The alder wood name tags are not recommended for outdoor use.

Our 1¼” x 3¾” flexible gold plates come with a strong adhesive backing that can stick to plastic, glass, wood and metal items. These gorgeous plastic plates look like real metal, yet engrave with an easy-to-see black color. These flexible gold plates easily adhere to show crates and dog show trolleys to identify your pet, kennel name or personal items.  They add an elegant touch to keepsake boxes & urns.  These plates can instantly turn items into unique club awards and can be adhered to custom or theme trophies.

Our 4-hole 2” x 6” soft crate tags were designed so that you may affix them to your soft-sided crate! These Deerskin name tags can be placed on the top, sides and even the mesh door of your soft sided crate and still allow you to roll the fabric up. Even better, no special tools are required to mount the included plain black rivets in place. For the discriminating dog who would like some bling, we offer crystal rivets for an alternative look.

Purple/White Crate Tag Smooth Silver/Black Crate Tag Alder Wood Crate Tag Gold Plate with Adhesive Back European Gold/Black Crate Tag with Black Crate Tag Fasteners Red Marble/Gold Crate Tag Yellow/Black Crate Tag Green/White Crate Tag Pink/Black Small Crate Tag Blue Marble/Gold Crate Tag Deerskin Soft Crate Tag Black/Gold Crate Tag

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Crate Tag Fasteners

Crate Tag Fasteners

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Gold Plate with Adhesive Back Name Only
Crate Name Tag Small 2-holes
Crate Tag Name over Titles Small 2-holes
Crate Tag Name under Titles Small 2-holes
Crate Name Tag Small 4-holes
Crate Tag Name over Titles Small 4-holes
Crate Tag Name under Titles Small 4-holes
Dog Crate Tag Name Only 2-holes
Dog Crate Tag Name Only 4-holes
Dog Crate Tag with Name over Titles 2-holes
Dog Crate Tag with Name over Titles 4-holes
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