Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What pet names do you engrave the most?
For the year 2016
  {#1} Piper - Scout
  {#2} Cody - Jazz - Maggie 
  {#3} Annie - Daisy

Q: Will I see a sample of my custom item before it is engraved?
Yes. Prior to engraving custom items, we create mock-ups for you to view and decide which layout you like best.

Q: How much will it cost to ship my item?
After you add your selected items to the shopping cart, view the Shopping Cart and select "Estimate Shipping & Taxes" to calculate the USPS charges.

Q: How is it that your photo engravings are so different then other engravers' photos on the internet?
We're perfectionists. While many places simply take your photo and engrave it as is, or with a circle overlay, we want the subject of the photo to be the focal point - as it should be.

Q: Do you do club awards?
Yes. We can do most standard awards and plaques.

Q: Do you have Special Product Sales or 2-for-1 Specials during the year?
No. We keep our prices reasonable year-round.

Q: May I send in copyrighted graphics?
As long as you have obtained the permission for use of any graphics, logos or pictures, etc. Copyright violations remain the responsibility of the person sending the information to us. i.e. We trust that you have obtained permission to use them and we will not be held liable if you have not done so.

Q: May I send in any type of photo to be engraved?
The quality of the photo image directly effects the quality of the engraving. When selecting a photo, keep in mind how it will fit on the engraved item. i.e. A narrow rectangular photo is awkward to fit on a square without leaving a lot of blank space along the sides.

Q: How many photos can I add to an engraved image?
As many photos as you would like. Each photo edited will be billed accordingly.

Q: If I want the same photo engraved on different materials, do I have to pay a photo editing fee for each material?
Most likely not. Some materials do require quite a bit of editing to allow a photo to engrave properly. We will advise you prior to starting any work.

Q: May I send in a color photo or does it have to be black & white?
We will convert color photos for the engraving process. Some colors do not convert well, i.e. purple & green convert to the same shades of gray.

Q: I have my own scanner, how should I scan my photo?
If you are scanning a photo, we ask you to set your scan settings at the highest resolution possible with a minimum of 300 dpi. This does happen to be a case of "Bigger is Better." i.e. the more pixels the image contains, the more pixels there are to manipulate. Color or greyscale is okay.

Q: How should I save my scanned photo?
When saving the scanned image, please change the jpg quality to maximum and/or the compression options to "none" or as little as your software program allows. If it has the option to save as BMP, TIFF or PNG choose one of those instead.

Q: My digital camera only takes photos at 72 dpi. Should I resize the picture before I send it?
No. Send the digital photo "as is" the way you downloaded it from your camera. You can rename the file, but do not rename the file by opening it in a photo program and then choosing Save As. (See next question)

Q: I have a jpg image I want to modify before I send it, is that okay?
If you have a JPG image you want engraved, do not edit and save it prior to sending. Each time a JPG file is saved, the file is compressed and "noise" is added to the image and quality taken away. This "noise" is easily picked up by the laser and engraves as flecks and spots. If you "zoom" your image by 200-500% you can see these flecks. If you still need to edit it, save the edited image as a BMP, TIFF or PNG instead.

Q: What type of files do you accept?
We accept JPG, BMP, PNG, PSD, PSP, TIFF, AI, EPS and CDR files.

Q: How do I email the digital image?
Please send it as a file attachment instead of copy and pasting into the body of the email.